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Why obese people can't resist high-calorie foods

Posted On: Sept. 27, 2011

Washington, Sept 20 (ANI): A new study has proved that obese people look at high-calorie food differently, because normal glucose levels in their blood don't perform their duty.

Robert Sherwin and colleagues, at Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, found that certain regions of the brains of non-obese individuals, who have low glucose levels brains, were triggered due to their great desire for high-calorie foods.

The study suggested that had these individuals had a normal level of glucose in their blood, some other regions of the brain would have been triggered by the food cues and the individuals would have been less interested in high-calorie foods.

The researchers proved that this ability of normal levels of glucose in the blood to decrease desire for high-calorie foods was not present in individuals who were obese. (ANI)

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