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Protect Your Health in The Office or Workplace

Samantha Perkins
Feb. 10, 2017

Most of us love the jobs we do and many of us need them. So much that we tolerate a few unfavorable conditions periodically. it is not acceptable to put up with such unfavorable conditions if they might be risking your health. Staying in great shape is absolutely important and nothing is worth it. Below are listed dangers and solutions for handling them.

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The Dangers Of Standing Around

There are some people who carry out their jobs standing; these people are also at risk of developing musculoskeletal damage. Standing for a long period of time is also as harmful as sitting for hours, despite the fact that you might have a standing desk for your desk work. You are at a higher risk if you are standing on a hard surface for hours. A desk mat is recommended to those who fall into this category. The desk mats serve the function of providing you additional stability, thereby reducing the amount of pressure being directed down to the base of your feet. With the desk mats your legs, back, and knees feel less pressure.

Ergonomics Is King

Nowadays most jobs are carried out at a desk. Some tasks like designing on paper, making phone calls or working at a computer and so on. The cause of most serious musculoskeletal damage is as a result from being too sedentary and if care is not taken it can lead to severe back pain. But these risks can be mitigated with the right furniture setups because using chairs and desks that are designed to provide a proper back support prevents you from craning your neck just to look at your work. Besides that, it is advisable to take a two minute break once in a while to walk and stretch.

Digital Dangers

Working all day at a computer brings about pains and aches in most of the joints found in the body. Back and joint pain are common occurrence when you work all day at a computer but not only that, headaches also can equally be experienced from working all day at a computer. The contrast of a screen on an otherwise poorly lit environment is harmful to the sight; it harms ones vision and causes eyestrain. Eyestrain can be symptom of your vision getting worse. Your chances of stress increases the longer you spend time using a computer without a break. It is recommended that those who work most of the time on their computers should take a break and run some errands or partake in another activity that don’t involve staring at a monitor.



Keep Your Hours Manageable

If you are offered a little extra flexibility in your job, choose to work more in the day and less at night. Although in today’s workplace not everyone is being offered a lot of flexibility job, that is they do not have much say of how and when they work. Working on the computer especially late in the night has a negative effect on your sleep. Getting sufficient rest and sleep is one of the contributors to a stable emotional and mental health. Stress and anxiety are being linked to lack of sleep, and this can negatively impact you physically and mentally. it is advisable to take a two minute break once in a while to walk and stretch.

 There is some consolation if you can catch your sleep in the day time, but sticking as close to your natural body clock as you can is the best way to go. Losing sleep can lead to fatigue, a lack of enjoyment of your job and focus.


Why You Should Say ‘No’ From Time To Time

Working overtime is very common in today’s workplace especially if you seek to get ahead in your career or achieve a work goal that is already set. More so, if working overtime attracts a monetary reward. Despite the fact that working overtime attracts so many obvious benefits, it equally attracts so many risks. So much so that working overtime has been identified as a top contributor of workplace stress. Some individuals feel that not accepting to work overtime will cause a certain friction in their relationship with their boss. if you’re already starting to feel stressed and exhausted, you need to learn how to say no to working overtime. In the workplace not everyone is being offered a lot of flexibility job, that is they do not have much say of how and when they work. Working on the computer standing desk especially late in the night has a negative effect on your sleep

Survive The Flu Season

Taking your hygiene seriously is the best way to safeguard yourself from most health risk. Everyone in a workplace is at risk once one person falls ill. How hardy one is, is credited to the air purity and the worse place to be when there is a cold or flu is the workplace. Personal hygiene includes, washing your hands after using the bathroom before opening the door with a hand towel, making use of a hand sanitizer is equally important, wiping down your desk and keyboard before sitting down. All these hygiene tips will help safeguard from impurities and help you avoid falling ill despite the fact that people might see you as a clean freak.

The dangers discussed here are easily managed with either talking to your employer or using a piece of equipment. Most employers will be eager to prevent a worker from hurting themselves on the job.

The Importance Of Air Flow

There might be traces of harmful chemicals in the air at your workplace. The dangers of this are not immediately noticeable. The air conditioning and ventilation of your workplace might be clogged up and they are not performing properly. These impurities in the air have a devastating effect on the health of the workers especially to those that suffer from respiratory conditions like asthma. The impurities can cause attacks and worsen their condition or even lead to them. If you are suffering from any kind of cough, it is important that you try to identify what kind it is, because if left unchecked, the case worsens.

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